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Parents & Children

Parents & Children

Do you feel any of these:

Your child refuses to listen?

Your family is disconnected?

Your family members have difficulty regulating emotions and become easily frustrated and angry?

Your children display disruptive behaviour?

Your family struggle to connect with each other?

Aggression is becoming a second nature of your children?

Your child/children suffer low self-esteem?

Parenting is a challenging job and I often hear parents telling how they lack confidence in managing the challenges it brings.  The parenting and child counselling services offers practical strategies and solutions to meet family objectives while being committed to support parents through various therapy services to create a healthy family life for themselves and their children aiming to involve family members in the therapeutic process where possible to ensure that the child is well supported within their family system. Depending on the needs of your child and family, I can use a variety of counselling techniques to best meet your needs including:


Family therapy sessions can help all family members identify problems and resolve them. Children are given support to voice their concerns to parents. Siblings may also be involved in the therapy process as needed to express opinions and help repair relationships within the family. In blended or step-families, this process may include step-parents, step-siblings and half-siblings as needed. Such therapy is also beneficial in cases of separation or divorce among the parents.

The therapy is aimed at the issues involved in the whole of family dynamics rather than focusing only on the behaviour of one child. This not only helps the family make needed changes, it is essential in helping the identified “problem-child” rebuild self-esteem and improve their behaviour.


Today, technology is shadowing everything and our dependency on same has made us accustomed to instant-everything. As a result, we are losing ourselves to the cloaks of virtual world while losing touch with our own creativity causing a lot of misconceptions especially amongst the youth making them disengaged and frustrated. Digital safety and self-session focuses on the virtual stimulus and help the child or the parent, for letting it not come in way of personal growth and success.


Parent coaching focus on the concept of parenting styles and family type and helps you to create your own solutions based on your values and belief systems. With the process, you may find different strategies useful and have a deep insight to your family involvement. With the self-awareness, you will be able to create a more balanced system of nurturing and structuring parenting skills.


Children love to express through play and art. Even when they are unable to express through their verbal abilities about their thoughts, feelings and emotional struggles, they use the language of art or play to express the same.

Play therapy is a specific issue centered to be dealt, supporting children to cope with and overcome with specific problems in their lives. Play therapy is very effective with children below 12 in the following:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Traumatization
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Bed wetting
  • Chronic illness
  • Grief and loss
  • Self-concept and self-esteem
  • Social adjustment problems
  • Learning difficulties


Adolescent counselling support works through challenges and progress toward a successful transition into adulthood dealing with the challenges being faced due to various reasons. The approach is goals-focused, and utilise a variety of techniques to deal with issues that may include:

  • difficulty managing anxiety and/or anger
  • challenging and/or risk-taking behaviours
  • friendship issues and bullying
  • depression and other mood disorders
  • family breakdown and conflict
  • parent and adolescent relationship challenge
  • grief and loss
  • learning difficulties
  • exam stress and study stress
  • school challenges
  • self-harm thoughts or actions
  • self-esteem issues
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